Micronaut: Pasiphae is now available!

Pasiphae features seven new IDM-influenced ass-shakers from Micronaut. Borrowing liberally from both the IDM and house genres, Pasiphae is an exploration in to new territory for Micronaut, with much thicker textures and heavier beats than the usual fare, while still retaining the signature sound and song structures the band is known for.

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Callisto marks Chris Randall's fifth genre-spanning sojourn in to the back streets of electronic music under the Micronaut banner. Mostly up-tempo, partially eccentric, and definitely danceable, Callisto is a distilled history of Micronaut in one album.

A brooding and introspective piece of melodic electronica, Micronaut's fourth album is dark and cinematic, with twisting synth lines and disjointed drum-beats vying for attention amid a thick bed of drones and found sound.

Micronaut moves further afield with their third release, Ganymede, which explores drum & bass, jungle and tech-step.

Io finds the common ground between breakbeat and trance with a generous dose of NASA thrown in for good measure.

Building from a space-like ambience to a dance floor frenzy, Micronaut's debut album is most commonly refered to as music for sex and dancing!

Pasiphae features seven new IDM-influenced ass-shakers from Micronaut.

A stomping collection of noise beats and drones from KarloZ.M (Manufactura) and Chris Randall (Micronaut).

BASIC features four new songs in the genre-spanning style that Micronaut is known for.